Interviews and events

I regularly interview experts and moderate events in English and Spanish. Here's a small sampling of past work. 

Future Tense: What zombies can teach us about surviving the apocalypse.

An interview with Athena Aktipis and Coltan Scrivner. 

New America, Slate, and Arizona State University, October 2023. 

Symbiosis: How to accurately cover violence. 

An interview with Kathy Corcoran, former Mexico and Central America Bureau chief, Associated Press

Gatopardo and Arizona State University, April 2022.

Symbiosis: How to cover oceans and the environment

An interview with Ian Urbina, director of the Outlaw Ocean Project

Gatopardo and Arizona State University, 2021.

Convergence Lab: Global challenges, North American security. 

An event on regional security with Vidal Romero, Nadya Bliss, Lt. Gen. Robert Schmidle, and Jorge Tello.

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and Arizona State University, September 2021.