Hi, I'm Mia.

I spend most of my time doing one of three things: learning about something new, writing about what I learned, and sharing my writing with anyone who will read it.

I'm passionate about telling stories on the border, U.S.-Mexico relations, the criminal justice system, the military justice system, and technology. I report in English y en español — because I believe the the best stories cross cultures and languages. You'll find my Spanish work in Letras Libres, Cultura Colectiva and Cronkite Noticias.

A native of northern Arizona, I graduated summa cum laude with dual degrees in global studies and journalism from Arizona State University in May 2019. During that time, I developed my fluency in Spanish from stints studying and working abroad in Mexico and Spain. My recent internship experience includes the Marshall Project, the U.S. Department of State, and Slate Magazine, and I've also spent several years as a volunteer teacher at the Arizona Department of Corrections. 

In 2019, Nick Kristof picked me as the winner of his Win-a-Trip contest through the New York Times. We traveled to Guatemala and Paraguay, where I reported on women's health, education and development.

Currently, I'm living in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, where I'm teaching English at the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen on a Fulbright grant. 

In my free time, I climb mountains, search for good tamales, and tell myself I'm training for a(nother) marathon.